Please remember that chemical pesticides despite their claims are NOT safe to use, and we only endorse/recommend heat treatments. Bed bug infestations are not something to be ashamed of and it is critical that people understand the importance of education, identification, and eradication. All mapped locations and information contained on this site are the sole responsibility of their respective authors

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ApartmentKnollwood DriveHave bed bugs and they just keep moving from unit to unit
Embassy Suites Hotel Cleveland-BeachwoodHotel3775 Park East Dr Beachwood, OHchecked in hotel on May 1st out May 3rd... Woke up at like 2am from feeling something crawling on my neck so i flicked it off,only to wake up in the dgaylight AM and the bed bug was crawling under the sheet I was sleeping under.At the time I didnt know what a bed bug looked like til I googled it on the way/drive home(maryland) Sunday from itching like crazy and seeing bumps all over my arms and neck. Trying to contact management as we speak.
Embassy Suites Hotel Cleveland-Beachwood3775 Park East Dr Beachwood, OHChecked in on Monday, February 23, room 355. On Wendesday night (my 3rd night) at 1am. I got out of bed. I saw a bedbug crawling on the sheet at the top of the bed, near the pillows. I took a picture of it then tossed it the toilet. The hotel quickly moved me to a new room.
3497 Senator court Columbus Ohio 43204
Residence Inn Westlake ClevelandHotel30100 Clemens Rd Westlake, OHI was about to fall asleep after a bout of insomnia, then I notice a bug. After checking online, I'm certain it is a bedbug. The issue is though, since I cannot locate any others, was this a hitchhiker from another passenger's luggage? Or was this from the hotel itself? I have no discernable bites, based on comparing the marks on my body compared to what I researched online.

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